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About Kalahandi

Kalahandi, the epitome of rich artistic and cultural heritage with its exquisite natural flora and fauna, the colorful and musical festivals with its heart thrilling beats and sounds, the dense green forests, natural perennial rivers and fountains attract the minds of the travelers across the world and brings a poetic sensation to all the travelers for a transformation from dialectical materialistic mind set to a spiritual, ethical, and traditional ideology of; “Vaisudhava kutumbhakam.”

If any one steps its toes to its soil, the land reminds him/her of the cultural and spiritual customs and traditions prevailed at the time of the great epic “the Ramayan”. The scholars are of opinion that this is that blessed land where Lord Rama had spent the time of exile and Kautilya the author of the Arthashastra and the Father of the Economics built the ‘The Indravana; the splendid Palatial garden.
The environment with it breath-taking array of warm, over-whelming forests which are dark been during the day owing to the Sun-light which falls in patches, to the juge mountains and craggy hills, continues to inspire the Tribal artists who skillfully weave the magic of their surroundings in their work. Dotted with Water-falls and developing towns, Kalahandi is a wonderful combination of ethnic civilization which is adapting itself to the demands of modernity.

Kalahandi beckons are discerning traveler who with his back-pack years for his place in the sun. With a large percentage of tribal who have managed to keep their culture intact, Kalahandi is simply the first and the last word in ethnic Art and Craft.